How to steal competitors’ clients using social media

May 27, 2022

In the era of social media marketing, you can use those apps in your advantage. If you’re wondering how to steal competitors’ clients using social media, you’ve reached the right place.

Before we dig into methods to do that, let’s talk a bit about the reasoning behind this.

Why target people from social media?

Today an incredible percentage of people use socia media on a daily basis. If you want to find opinions on any type of things, including businesses, you can find it all there. People will talk about anything, from personal things to personal experiences with all kinds of businesses.

If you want to get active and very well targeted people, social media is the key.

On social apps you can open a door to opportunities for your business. From promoting it to finding new clients (or stealing competitors’ clients).

Tricks on how to steal competitors’ clients using social media easy and quick

We’re living in the time when it’s easier than ever to promote anything all around the globe. The best part of it? There are so many methods you can do that in a very effective, fast, and easy way.

Should you manually monitor your competitors’ clients or do that automatically?

When talking about getting those customers, there are two main ways to do it:

  • manually
  • automatically

But what is actually the best one of them? Obviously, they both have advantages and disadvantages, so let’s talk about each one of them separately.

Manually monitoring social media to steal competitors’ clients

There are many ways in which you can manually check the customers of your competitors and get in touch with them. That can be way more personal, which they will for sure appreciate. But let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages.

The main disadvantages of manually trying to steal competitors’ clients:

  • Very time consuming
  • You won’t have a very big list of potential clients as you have a limit on how many you can contact in a day
  • Missing scaling opportunities

Even though these disadvantages seem pretty bad, let’s see what we can say about the advantages:

  • You get personal with the customers, which will help you convince them to join you
  • Your business won’t risk being marked as spam
  • Easier to make sure you don’t send duplicate emails/messages to the same people
  • You’ll be able to see some custom messages/feedbacks that would be impossible to notice with a bot

In my opinion, manually monitoring social media to steal your competitors’ clients is a must do, but not too much. That is great from time to time, to see what’s going on in the market. Reading feedback from different people may also help you improve your business.

Some things you could manually monitor are:

  • Forums or groups that are related to your competitors
  • Their social media accounts (comments, tagged posts, shares)
  • Their reviews and feedbacks

What about automatically targeting your competition’s customers?

Let me ask you a question: do you want to build very big lists of potential customers, very well targeted?

If the answer is yes, then this is the best method to do that.

Social media is a gold mine if you know how to use it. You can get an incredibly huge list with people that are interested in exactly what you are trying to offer. The thing is you need to really know how to target them.

Having very big lists is not enough if they aren’t very well targeted.

If you’re wondering how you could get, for example, the contact details of your competitors’ customers, we’ve build the best service for you. With our services, xEmailExtractor, you can extract contact data from Instagram from:

This means you can get tens of thousands of your competitors’ customers in just under one day. That seems insane, but it’s actually possible. All you need to do is target the followers of the Instagram account of your competitors and that’s it!

steal competitors clients
Helpful data you receive from targeted leads

This is a method in which other than the usual public data, you’ll also get the email and phone number that is listed in the “Contact” button available on the phone app of Instagram. You can read about our phone number extractor here.

There’s another method in which you can grow your business when having a big list of targeted leads. You can filter those that have between 1000 and 10000 followers and contact them to be your brand ambassadors. Why should you do that? You can read about nano influencer marketing here.

What should I do with contact data from my competitors’ customers?

There are two huge things you can do to grow the amount of clients of your business with a big list of emails:

  1. Target Facebook ads
  2. Cold emailing

The first one is obvious and it even saves you money. If you don’t want to directly contact your competitors’ clients (maybe you don’t want to be that direct), then you can target them on your ads. This way they will know about your business even without being contacted.

This method is great because those people won’t feel like they’re being pushed to check your business. They will just notice it in the ads and try it as an alternative to the product they’re already using.

The second one is a great marketing method that’s being used by lots of companies with great success.

If you don’t know what cold emailing is or its benefits, we have a good article here about cold emails for you.

The conclusion – how to steal your competitors’ clients using social media

As you’ve already seen, there are both cons and pros to both options. But if you want to promote your product with a very efficient method, you need to at least give it a try.

It’s one of the cheapest and easiest methods to grow your business that is already used a lot nowadays.

Who knows? Maybe even your competitor uses it. It’s never too late to try and see if it helps you and your business. Good luck!