Scrape Instagram Emails – How to extract targeted leads from Instagram

October 30, 2020

Do you know what huge benefits you have when you scrape Instagram Emails? If you’re thinking of improving your email marketing strategy, an Instagram email scraper is what you need to try to get very good targeted leads.

xEmailExtractor is an online Instagram email extractor that does everything automatically for you. No proxies needed, no Instagram login needed, no application or extension download either. You’re just a few clicks away from tens or hundreds of thousands of emails that may buy or recommend your product.

Let’s start with the main details…

What can you do with details about users you scrape from Instagram?

The main and most important thing you can do is to contact people and let them know about your business. This is called cold emailing.
Doing this won’t just increase A LOT your chances of making more sales, but it will also make your brand know by lots of people. It would be like free advertising, but just the emails cost (don’t worry, you most likely gain more way more than you spend). Other than making sales worth more than the cost of the emails, you will also get a lot of people to know your brand and they may purchase your products later on.

We have a great article covering how to write a cold email. You can read it here to learn writing a cold email.

Another thing you can do is help your Facebook ads to get more targeted people using the list of emails from an Instagram email scraper. This way you can show the ad to way more relevant people that may purchase your products for the same pricing as before.

Why an Instagram email extractor is better for email marketing?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media as of today. There are so many ways to target people that may purchase your product, for example:

  • Get the followers of your competitors
  • Get the users that post under a hashtag related to your business (they are active and interested in that topic). You can read more about it on this blog post here about how to scrape Instagram emails from hashtags.
  • Scrape Instagram emails from the “following” of specific accounts

So other than being easy to get hundreds of thousands of emails that may bring you lots of money and free advertising, people you’re getting emails from are highly active on social media. They add their emails in the contact button especially for people to contact them. So the people you’re trying to get in touch with are ready to receive emails from people interested in talking to them.

Is it legal to scrape Instagram emails?

This is for sure a question that any person would address before using a new tool. Yes, Instagram email extractors are 100% legal. There has been a LinkedIn case where it has been made clear that web scraping is totally legal. This also addresses Instagram email scraping, as users on the platform choose to add their email public and let any person contact them.

What is cold emailing?

Theoretically, cold emailing is sending an email to someone you don’t know, for different reasons. It doesn’t always mean it’s for marketing or sales, but in lots of cases, it’s actually it. In cold emails, you’re usually more personal to each person and you’re not spamming. The first email is usually shorter, like presenting yourself and your business and a question for the person you’re sending the email to.

Cold emailing can be used for multiple purposes that are not related to business either. For example, you can send cold emails for job interviews too.

Is cold emailing legal?

Yes, it’s totally legal to get in touch with people you’ve never had contact with as long as you’re not spamming. You’ll have to send emails that are CAN-SPAM compliant. If you wonder how to make a great email that is also CAN-SPAM compliant, you’ll need to make sure your emails follow these rules:

  1. Don’t use clickbait titles. The idea here is that you want people to answer to your emails, not to just spam them with emails that don’t need a reply back.
  2. Don’t send too many emails at once as it may block you from the email address. Start with 50 per day per account (you can use more accounts if you wish) and then increase the number
  3. Don’t write the first email too long and don’t promote from the first email
  4. Try not to include links in the first email
  5. Provide an easy way to unsubscribe and opt out
  6. Also make sure to delete people who opted out from your lists, CAN-SPAM says you have ten days to do so.
Scrape instagram emails

The differences between xEmailExtractor and an Instagram email scraper application

Most of the Instagram email scrapers on the market are just selling applications that actually need proxies and lots of Instagram accounts to work. This is a lot of work to do and time means money.

Downsides of an application where you scrape Instagram emails yourself:

  1. Probably permanently disable the accounts you’re using, especially if they’re new
  2. Take a way longer time than an automatic online Instagram scraper like xEmailExtractor
  3. Harder to use interface

Also, another bad thing is that you have to download their application instead of just logging in on the website and get the results. It may be harder to use because you have to do everything manually. That is managing the email list, your Instagram accounts, and proxies. This will also cost if you want something of a good quality.

How is our Instagram Email Extractor so fast?

xEmailExtractor can scrape even one million users in less than 24 hours

We are using very expensive proxies to assure we’re offering the best services to our customers and also the fastest on the market. The price of xEmailExtractor is higher than other Instagram email scrapers because:

  1. You don’t need any proxies (that also can be expensive)
  2. You don’t need any Instagram accounts (that are pretty hard to manage as Instagram is very restrictive)
  3. Everything is online on our website, no need to download anything on your computer
  4. We are doing manual work too when extracting the emails, it’s not fully automatic
  5. You don’t need to do anything else than add your preferences and then download the list of data
  6. We’re using very expensive proxies to make it as fast as possible, so our costs are pretty high

We are working very hard on our program to ensure the best results as always.