Top Nano Influencer Marketing Agencies 2022

May 20, 2022

One of the best ways to promote your business is through a nano influencer marketing agencies. You can be ahead of your competitors in this yet not very promoted marketing strategy.

Obviously, you first need to do some research and make sure you’re targeting the correct influencers. You also need to have a clear goal and idea on how you’re going to promote your business.

Even though it’s not used by most of the companies, nano influencer marketing keeps gaining popularity. More and more businesses are starting to use this method to promote themselves.

The benefits?

  • The costs are getting lower every year, because the popularity of nano influencers is growing
  • It’s very easy to target well from social media
  • You can use services that help you get targeted nano influencers easy, fast, and cost-effective

What Are Nano Influencers?

Nano influencers are people that have between 1000 and 10000 followers. They’re a great alternative to the usual influencer marketing which is usually more expensive and time consuming.

Why is Nano Influencer Marketing more effective than the conventional one?

Data proves that influencers that have less followers have a higher engagement rate. This is the first and main reason why nano influencer marketing is more effective.

The second reason is that they are targeted better. People usually follow nano influencers when they have an interest in exactly what that account is about. Meanwhile, on the other side, a lot of people follow big influencers because of their lifestyle or because they are celebrities, not their niche. Another thing is that many big accounts will have bots in their followers, which have no value.

nano influencer marketing agencies
Lower engagement rate for bigger macro influencers

Last but not least, accounts with fewer followers don’t post as a full time job, but as a hobby. This means their audience will know that the influencer doesn’t share the product for money, because their account is small.

All these combined can show you just how effective nano influencer marketing is. With 30 nano ones, you can reach more people than with a macro one. Obviously, the price will also be better!

How to correctly target the best nano influencers?

The most important thing, even before looking for nano influencer marketing agencies, is to inform yourself on how you can target the influencers the best.

First of all, you need to choose the social media. I (and most people) personally recommend Instagram.

Instagram is the best social media where you can find people to promote your business. You can target them very well if you know how to do it and you’re using the correct service.

xEmailExtractor is a service that collects targeted emails (and other data) from Instagram influencers.

How do I know if I’m targeting correctly?

With xEmailExtractor, you have three options to scrape targeted nano influencers:

There are multiple ways you are 100% sure you’re targeting well.

For example, you can target from the followers of your competitors. This way you can contact people that are interested in products related to your business.

Another great way to target influencers is to get emails from hashtags. You can easily find people that are interested in your niche this way. If you want to target even more, for example by country, you can use a hashtag in a foreign language to get people from that country.

Should I use a service or an app to get the nano influencers?

You can also target influencers using an application. The downside? You probably have to spend entire days on scraping.

While a service like xEmailExtractor does everything for you with no hidden fees, for an app things work differently. You need to first purchase the app, then for using it, you need to buy proxies, accounts, then spend entire days on scraping. And even after all of that, you won’t scrape the huge amount of emails you can get using a service because apps on the market are not very effective/fast.

If you want to create a very big email list, you need to use a service like the one mentioned above.

How does the nano influencer marketing strategy work?

Before I continue with nano influencer marketing agencies, I need to tell you how you can use the targeted data.

There are two main ways you can use nano influencers to help your business grow

Targeted Facebook ads

You can use the emails you get from us and add them as custom audiences. This way Facebook Manager will show the ads only to people from your targeted leads.

That’s a great way to save a lot of money on ads. Instead of letting Facebook decide for you, you can take the situation into your own hands and target the best way possible.

After you introduce your brand to nano influencers, converting them to brand ambassador will be easier.

Contact them via email

The next step, and obviously the most important part, is to email the influencers.

Get personal, ask questions, do anything that will raise the conversion rate to brand ambassadors. We have an article that can help you with cold emailing tips here.

The best nano influencer marketing agencies

There are multiple nano influencer marketing agencies. Some of them are Socially Powerful, BeInfluence, Top Influencer Agency.

The most important thing here is to also do your own research and see what is best for your business.

Conclusion – is nano influencer marketing a good idea?

I guess from this article you’ve already got an idea. Still, I will say it: yes. It is definitely an amazing idea for your business and for your budget.

Having nano influencers as your brand ambassadors will make you reach very active and targeted people.