11 top marketing strategies on Instagram to grow potential followers.

March 6, 2023

Instagram is more than just a social media platform; it is also a search engine. Instagram users make use of these characteristics by promoting themselves and whatever they need. 

Instagram is a platform where millions and millions of users promote as well as get responses and support. 

A user account on Instagram can be associated with a person, a brand, an individual product, a pet, a community, an event, or even a location. 

Why to do marketing on Instagram?

Instagram is an eye-cooling platform, as all you see is colorful, satisfying, aesthetic, knowledgeable, and entertaining. 

As you can make your posts videos not longer than 2 minutes, it is an advantage to keep followers interested that they do not have to wait more time in a dull circle, and they can shift into other content immediately and easily. 

There are more chances for marketing strategies on Instagram to succeed, but more than every other method, “being consistent” is what makes most of your marketing on Instagram effective.

You are yet to succeed with the marketing strategies on Instagram by converting more users into followers and even buyers of your product with consistent content posted. 

Here are a few marketing strategies on Instagram to promote your product or service:

#1 Post consistently

Instagram is an everyday platform. You are supposed to have a routine and have it as a ritual to post every day, whether it be a picture or a reel, but the update with Instagram reels is making Instagram more than a picture-sharing platform. 

There are more options to be engaged with updated posts, like adding stories, pictures, and reels. 

On Instagram, there is always a trend to keep going, either with audio or filters or any content, and all Instagram users follow them to keep up with the trend. 

Steps to keep your Instagram posts consistent:

Know your followers: 

There are millions of users on Instagram, but there is always a group or community to be like-minded. 

Like-minded followers are better options to find your targeted group for your relevant content. 

If your post is liked by someone, there are a lot of chances that it will be liked by other user accounts similar to it. 

Your target group can be the same age group, or the same professional or geographical location. 

#2 Know your niche: 

This is one of the best marketing strategies on Instagram. Stick with one single niche. People are going to follow your user account for similar content. 

Whereas if you are posting all irrelevant posts with the prior posts your followers are going to lose interest in your account and are going to unfollow. 

#3 Useful content: 

Posts on your Instagram have to be useful to someone. Always plan your Instagram posts with the question “Will this post benefit someone?” If your post isn’t benefiting someone or isn’t funny, your post is going to get dropped. 

If this action is taking place frequently, your whole Instagram account is going to be a bore for the other followers.

#4 Plan out your week prior: 

This routine helps you stay on track to post your content. Make a list of contents to pick out 7 pieces of content to post by the week and have a baseline on your content idea. It can be a continuous part or different parts of the same idea. 

If you have a business account, it is a lot different than being a content creator, as you will already have your own niche, ideas, and theme to start with.

#5 Plan the number of posts: 

It doesn’t mean you have to keep posting 2 to 5 posts every day. Your followers may feel the same in the tiger newsfeed. 

It is better to keep your posting to one post per day. This will keep you engaged with your followers. 

Also, at least 3 posts per week is the best way to keep your marketing in a standard form for your Instagram page. 

#6 Post at the ideal timing: 

This strategy is one of the most effective and easiest marketing strategies on Instagram. Not only Instagram but all the social media follow or it happens in co-incidents according to the time phase on how users are active at some point of time online. 

This has built an ideal calculator of time phrases where it is said that your post is yet to succeed in reachability while posting at that ideal time phrase.

Here is the ideal time to post on Instagram:

#7 Relevant story: 

The Instagram story is a mind-blowing idea because it can keep you engaged with your followers for just 24 hours without affecting your grid style. 

Make use of your Instagram story to engage, promote, and more. Like Instagram reels or posts, stories do not need any algorithm. 

You can post as many as you want in your editable story space.

#8 Set your goal:

“What are you going to give your audience?” Answering this question and following the goal can help you in your marketing strategy on Instagram, as this answer gives you a broad perspective on giving potential quality content to your followers. 

Your plan can be based on the amount of content you are going to publish and see if that works, or the number of targeted followers and customers. 

#9 Determine your targeted audience: 

This is one of the most important marketing strategies on Instagram. Targeted audiences are like real cats, they need you, but they behave like they never need you and hate you but expect you to convince them to be your follower. 

It is your duty to search for them, find them, and show them the benefits of your content so that they are retained in your Instagram user account. 

Showing users who are not interested in your content is a waste of time, as Instagram is already set up in a way that it is going to reach the people that are indeed interested in similar content. 

But still, if your content is reaching out to an irrelevant audience, it is going to leave your account behind with reports. 

This marketing strategy on Instagram is actually the easiest as you can find more actual ways to determine your targeted audience. 

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#10 Use the Right hashtags:

Hashtags are the most important part of Instagram marketing, where you have more than a 70% chance of showing up in a hashtag search for using them in your post. 

This will positively help your Instagram marketing strategy by driving more targeted Instagram audiences who might be interested in your content. 

Moreover, just the search results appearance is more reasonable to use relevant hashtags.

#11 Avoid real-time posting:

Don’t post immediately after clicking out some pictures; always plan your posts and save some clicks for future posts, real-time posts can lead to regrets.

You may regret posting unwanted or irrelevant content to the grid style. 

This sometimes even leads to people unfollowing you. 

Your captures and posts sometimes need edits, filters, and music, as now there are so many features that can be added to your Instagram posts, reels, or even your story.


Marketing on instagram  is one of the exciting jobs that actually creates more interest in you day by day when you start making more followers. 

The best part is when your followers start engaging with you more with likes, comments, and sharing your posts. 

More than buying from websites, users want to help businesses that want to grow through Instagram. 

Users are starting to trust Instagram marketers. So marketing on Instagram is the way to go. 

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