How to make the most of your Instagram marketing efforts

April 28, 2021
How to make the most of your Instagram marketing efforts featured image

If you want to grow your Instagram following, or if you’re just looking for new ways to promote your business on the site, then this blog post is perfect for you. In it we will be discussing how to make the most of your Instagram marketing efforts and how to create a plan that will help you succeed.

If you are interested in Instagram prospecting, we have a great article on how to find clients from Instagram here.

First of all, if you don’t have one already, you must create an Instagram account. Then you need to make sure you change it to a business account. This is necessary for more statistics about your followers and the people that interact with your account.

Tips after creating an Instagram account to improve your Instagram marketing

  • Add a profile image that clearly identifies your business and includes an accurate description of what you do. Also include links to any pages on other sites where customers can find out more information.
  • Use hashtags relevant to the content you’re posting. So if it’s a fashion brand then use #fashionblogger or #coutureclothing for example. The most important one is making sure there are no misspellings in these words. Misspellings can reduce the number of people who see them when they search Instagram with those terms in mind
  • Post high quality images using filters, quotes, emojis etc to make your posts stand out from others
  • Encourage engagement by responding to comments and answering questions.
  • Share content from other accounts you follow that your followers would find interesting
  • Regularly post at least once day – more if possible as this will give people more opportunities to see your posts
  • Post regularly with different types of content: lifestyle shots vs selfies; photos of products/services vs behind the scenes shots or videos, don’t post only to promote your product or service
  • Consider geotagging posts with locations where you have an audience.

As the popularity of Instagram has grown, it’s also become increasingly important that brands use this platform wisely. With over 500 million users on Stories alone, there is plenty of room for growth! But how do we know which types of posts will help us reach our goals? Let’s take a look at some tips:

Even with this grow, we believe Instagram is still very new and it will grow more in the future, and you can grow your account pretty fast now, if you don’t have the time to grow it yourself, you could hire someone to do it for you.


What is the best content for Instagram?

Make sure you’re doing the right thing when it comes to Instagram marketing

When it comes to what type of content you should post on Instagram for growth purposes, there are many different opinions. Some people believe that behind the scenes shots or videos can be very engaging and help your audience feel more immersed in your brand story.

If you have a product launch coming up soon, then this might be a good strategy for you! But if not, consider posting other types of content like inspirational quotes or exclusive sneak peeks into our newest collections.

Also don’t forget to add the location to your posts so that people in your city can also find you!

Some other types of posts to try are:

  • asking for feedback or advice
  • giving shout outs to fans who ask questions on Instagram stories
  • sharing blog content

Whatever post type you decide is best for your brand, make sure it aligns with the rest of your social media strategy so that everything ties together nicely. And also use multiple types of posts, not just one, as it will get repetitive and boring after some time.

There are a few types of posts that might not be the best for your brand

For example, posting too many photos of products or hashtagging every photo with an insane amount of different tags can look spammy. That is sure to turn off followers who don’t want their feed cluttered with product ads.

If you only have one type of post strategy it may work well for growing followers. But there’s also potential to alienate new audiences by bombarding them with constant promotions. Therefore, this would not be a good strategy for furthering Instagram marketing efforts.

If you’re unsure about which content will resonate most on social media channels besides IG, for example Facebook and YouTube, then consider using videos! They tend to drive more traffic than links or photos and are a great way to engage followers.

Life’s short, so why not take advantage of it by capturing moments on the go? You can create your own videos easily with a smartphone. The key is to have an eye for good composition and editing skills! Check out some helpful tutorials from YouTube if you want to learn more about making video content that will get noticed.

That’s all for this post, but if you want to know more about the best kinds of posts for Instagram, then be sure to subscribe!