How to write a cold email – Best 5 tips for targeted leads

November 7, 2020

If you want to improve your marketing strategy, you want to try as many strategies as you can and cold emailing has to be one of them. In this article, I will share my best 5 tips on how to write a cold email and how to get targeted leads using an Instagram Email Scraper.

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How do you get the emails?

First of all…

The number one thing you have to keep in mind is that your emails have to be very well targeted. If you don’t get targeted leads, then a lot of bad things can happen, for example:

  • People marking your emails as spam
  • Getting a very low response rate because the people you’re sending emails to are not interested in what you have to offer
  • Not getting any sales, so the money invested in the emails won’t return in profit
  • Your email could get marked as spam or even blocked

You don’t want that, so you have to make sure your emails are very well targeted. For this, there are multiple ways to get emails from social media for example (which is my recommended way). My favorite way to get targeted leads and the one I recommend is through an Instagram email scraper. You can either build one yourself or get an already made application and use proxies or just buy an online service that does everything for you.

So I personally would recommend using an online email scraper like xEmailExtractor to make sure you don’t lose time on working on extracting emails. Everything will be incredibly fast and trouble-free, so you can focus on cold emailing.

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What is a cold email?

A cold email is just one that you send to a person you’ve never talked to before. So it can be for absolutely anything, from job-related emails, to business requests. Cold emailing means just one basic and general definition: contacting someone you probably don’t know.
Why would you do that? Is it really that efficient?
If you targeted people very well and you know what you’re doing, yes, it’s crazy efficient! This is why more and more companies are starting to use this as their main method for email marketing. Yes, you will have to invest more time in answering to emails. Still, this is the main key: personalizing everything.

Is cold emailing legal?

Totally, it has never been illegal to contact a person you’ve never talked to before. Still, you will have careful with what you add in your emails. If they are CAN-SPAM compliant, then you won’t have any problems.

how to write a cold email

So… How do you write a cold email?

You will have to follow more tips to make sure your emails are the best and you will get lots of sales from them. It won’t be an easy road, you have a lot of testing to do and to choose the best version of everything. You will also have to target your potential clients very well, so you’ll need to invest in a great Instagram email scraper.

1. Don’t include links or promoted content

This is the first big NO-NO. If you do that, people won’t answer to you and they will probably just ignore you or even set your email as spam. This is not okay for another reason too: your email could be blocked or marked as spam.

2. Send personalized emails when you write cold emails

You have to include their username or name in the email. Please be aware that many people use strange names on Instagram and you could say “Hello Yellow Jeans” instead of “Hello John”, so I prefer focusing on the username.

I usually use their Instagram username in the email, for example:

“Hey there, I found your email on Instagram at @username and I was wondering…”

3. Change the title of the email from time to time

Do you want to avoid getting blocked with the email you’re using? Then try to change from time to time the title and the content of your emails. If you send the same thing and same title to thousands of people, you may be easily noticed and have your email blocked because of spam.

4. Ask a very good question so you get a high reply rate

You have two goals here:

  1. Get new clients
  2. Get a high reply rate

Using a very good question in your email could get both of them from one shot. If people respond to your email, this means they’re interested, so you have to convince them from the second email that they need your service. Also, this will make your email more trust-worthy and less likely to get blocked. This is one of the most important things when you write cold emails.

An example on how you should write a cold email

You can just start off simple, for example with a “Hello there,” or “Hi there,”. You can also try to write a cold email with their name in the beginning, like “Hi %name%”. But please be aware that many people don’t write their real name on Instagram, so you may do a fail. For example, you may send “Hi Red Bus,” or “Hello Hair Salon”.
After that, you can continue like this:
I found your email from your Instagram @username and I wanted to ask a question about your business/account.

After that, just hit them up with an amazing question that they can’t miss! Or with a question that seems a recommendation, like:
I was wondering if you know any website with great art posters in your city?

Final thoughts on how to write a cold email

I haven’t covered in great detail each step you have to make, you can also check this link for more details.
I hope this was helpful if you’re looking to write a cold email, you can also comment down below if you have more suggestions. Also, make sure you share this article with all your friends that have a business so you help them with these great tips!