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January 6, 2022
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Are you looking to get Instagram emails from hashtags? This is a very good way to build a list of targeted leads for your business. You can easily find Instagram emails by manually checking each account one by one or by using an Instagram email scraper. I’ll go through both these methods and explain how you can do it and what’s the easiest way to scrape emails from Instagram.

How to get targeted leads from Instagram hashtags?

You’re probably wondering this. Targeting the best people for your business is so easy today with Instagram! You can either scrape Instagram emails from the followers of your competitors or accounts related to your business or… you guessed what! Hashtags.

You can build very powerful lists when you scrape from Instagram hashtags. There is a massive list of people posting about an incredible amount of different topics. You can find businesses, creators, or regular accounts within a few clicks. How is that good for your business? I’ll give you an example…

Let’s say you have a business with makeup products. You can target hashtags that people interested in your products would use. For example, a good hashtag to scrape Instagram emails from is #makeuplover. If you check it out, you’ll notice lots of photos of people using makeup products and there’s a good chance they will love your business if you contact them!

Should you only scrape Instagram emails or more data?

I will agree with something here – emails are the most important thing when it comes to targeted leads in your emailing list. Still, it’s not the only important thing that matters!

You should make sure you get other data too – for example, followers number and following number. You can see how big an account is and categorize each account by the number of followers they have. This way you can see if you have influencers on your list and maybe you can make partnerships with them.

Another obvious and important detail you need to know about each user is the name or username so you can let them know how you found them. This way you will do properly cold emailing and you won’t be spamming people. You can even say “Hi [name]” at the beginning of the email so you seem more friendly and confident.

A very useful data to extract when you get Instagram emails from hashtags is the phone number. We’ve actually talked about how to extract Instagram phone numbers in this article. So make sure to check it out if you’re interested. There are a lot of people paying very high amounts to scrape Instagram phone numbers. If you can get them at the same time as the emails, that’s the best deal.

Instagram phone number scraper
Getting the phone number from an Instagram user

Should you use an Instagram email scraper or other alternatives?

What is the most efficient way to get Instagram emails from hashtags?

Let’s talk about each of them separately. They all have their own benefits, but some have much bigger ones than the alternatives. Anyways, the final purpose of this is to get Instagram emails from hashtags. With some methods, you’ll be able to get big lists of targeted leads. With other alternatives, you’ll end up paying less money, and get smaller lists, but it would be a good start for testing.

Get Instagram emails from hashtags manually – check each account one by one

This is the most time-consuming option by far. Still, it has absolutely zero costs. If you want to test cold emailing first, before buying any service or application, it’s a great start. You can search on Instagram for your preferred hashtag for your business. Then click on any photo, then go to that profile. If you see a button called “Email”, then that person has their email added and wants to be contacted. You can click on the “Email” button and get in touch with them.

Get Instagram emails from hashtags
Find the email from an Instagram user

Make sure to be as friendly as possible and try to get them to answer back. We have two articles about cold emailing that may help you. The first one is about the benefits of cold emailing, and the second one is an article that can help you write a cold email. If you research enough before, you’ll find out that cold emailing is a magic tool in the world of marketing.

Use an Instagram email scraper application

This was the most popular way of scraping Instagram emails in the past. I’m saying “was” because it’s for sure not the most efficient one anymore. Instagram is making scraping harder and harder every year and sometimes even month. Costs for scraping with an application have risen to incredible amounts. Other than that, with all the restrictions from Instagram, it’s incredibly hard to build big lists (for example bigger than 100K emails) in a decent amount of time.

If you put together all the minuses, you’ll see that using an Instagram email scraper application is crazy time-consuming, you’ll find yourself paying a lot on proxies and Instagram accounts for little reward. It was a very good option in the past when it wasn’t so hard to scrape as it is today. Also, in the past there wasn’t the option I’ll talk about in the next section.

Use an Instagram email extractor service

How does it sound to pay an amount of money and get everything done without any additional costs? Also, not to forget: without any time wasted. There are some services that are pretty expensive indeed. You’ll need to search for a service where the purchase price is close to the costs you’d have when scraping the same amount of emails yourself.

A service is the easiest, most efficient method of creating big lists of targeted leads. After all, time means money and you can invest that saved time in something else about your business.

We’ve had an Instagram email scraper application in the past. But seeing how our clients were having very high costs and were not happy of spending so much time scraping, we decided to make a service. Even if we have very high costs and we’re dealing with Instagram updates all the time, we’ve added the best price on the market to help people create the lists they need.

If you’re interested in the easiest way to scrape Instagram emails, you can check xEmailExtractor from here. If you want to test it first, you can also get 50 free credits with just a message in the live chat.

The conclusion?

Instagram scraping has gotten a lot harder in the past years, there’s no doubt in that. Accounts are getting banned very quickly and are more difficult to create than in the past, which makes them more expensive than in the past too.

To remove all that stress of banned accounts and purchases of proxies, our biggest recommendation is to use an Instagram email extractor service – it’s easier, faster and you save money and time. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know in the live chat.