Generating leads with Instagram is a great way to get new customers into your business. But how do you actually go about doing this? There are many different strategies, and in this blog post I will cover three of them. They are: using the right hashtags, running ads on Instagram, and using our software to get emails and phone numbers. All of these methods have been proven successful at generating high-quality leads that convert well!

Using the right hashtags

You might be wondering how to use the right hashtags. This is really easy! All you do is find a hashtag that relates to your business and then post content related to it. When people search for this word or phrase, they will see your posts as well so it’s a great way of getting attention from people that are interested in that hashtag. Also you should use other hashtags related to the first one in your post, around 15 hashtags maximum is the recommended number, even if Instagram limits you to 30, don’t put more than that.

Also use hashtags related to your photo and your business.

Including a call to action (CTA) within posts

Another way is including CTAs in your Instagram post, as well as asking for feedback after posting the photo and linking back to other content of yours or an outside website. This will help you generate leads by providing people with more information about what they’re doing and how you could help them grow their business, this is about helping them and in turn they will pay for your product or service.

Running ads on Instagram

This is the second way to generate leads from Instagram; it’s more costlier than the other ways I mentioned but in my opinion, this is one of the best strategies for generating high-quality and highly targeted traffic.

A call to action on your profile page

And while you are at it, why not add a CTA button on your personal profile(email and phone number button)? It will be easier for people who like what they see to take that next step into becoming customers or subscribers by joining your email list. And if you want to make sure that all of these work well together then ensure there is seamless integration between them so everything feels coherent and organized.

Doing cold emailing

The final way of generating leads from instagram is by doing cold emailing(here is a blog post about the benefits of cold emailing). And here is how you can do this.

When choosing your target audience, it should be people who are in the same industry as yours or those who have a similar interest to your product or servie but may not know about what you offer yet. It would also help if they were engaged on Instagram too and that might include liking images by other pages related to your product or service so they will most likely interact with your posts too.

The next step would involve capturing their email address through an outreach campaign where you reach out them for more information about your services/products or even just chatting with them casually to find ways of working together. You could either just send emails manually which means going into each account one at time to get contact info from there or using xEmailExtractor(signup link) to get their contact details.


In conclusion, I recommend you use all of these strategies together as they complement each other to a great deal and will lead your business on the right track.