4 Easy Ways to Find Leads from Instagram for Business

August 13, 2022
4 Easy Ways to Find Leads from Instagram for Business featured image

Instagram is a vast search engine with approximately one billion users, and in this article you will learn how to use that to find leads from Instagram for your business.

One billion people means there is a chance of one billion people out there finding your product on a single platform.

Not all of one billion is going to be your lead, but still at least 0.10%, which is one million.

Persuading someone who is not interested or does not want your product is meaningless, whereas selling to someone who needs the product is. It is easier to sell to them.

Even though there are an enormous number of people, finding leads is one of the biggest tasks.

The second biggest task is to find a way to reach them in order to have a chance to convince them.

Like many people on Instagram, so many stories, businesses, and marketing are done on the same platform to engage with them.

Instagram users are entertained with the content they are interested in.

Ways to find leads from Instagram:

#1 Find through Hashtags

The first way to find your relevant leads is to find a significant hashtag.

People keep engaging, posting content, and trying to reach their followers. 

In this way, one of their tools to reach the same mined people is to use hashtags.

Hashtags are really the connecting points on Instagram; they connect like-minded people together.

Instagram users nowadays use hashtags to get relevant posts that they like or that they are interested in.

So for a particular hashtag, they are going to post their followers, and now those are your leads from Instagram.

If you collect the follower’s list, they are your future customers if your product is related to the hashtag.

#2 Find through Instagram influencer follower’s list

The second way is to find leads from Instagram users by following the Instagram user accounts. It is not complicated.

There are thousands of Instagram influencers who connect with particular kinds of people.

If you are searching for a significant niche, influencers will give a lot more content on a particular niche than you get from a search.

And now, if you have found an influencer who gives content related to your service, then their followers are absolutely your leads from Instagram.

Sometimes, the content and products you provide may vary. But still, it all requires some logic to connect things.

#3 Find through the brand’s business profile followers’ list

Thirdly, there are so many, many brands and businesses promoting their products through their popularity.

Some are maybe not interested in the product, but still interested in the style they advertise.

Furthermore, there are many other reasons people may follow some Instagram accounts.

There is again a practical and reasonable explanation behind the finding of leads from Instagram for your product.

#4 Find through your competitors’ followers’ list

Finally, here comes your puppet. It is your competitor.

Your competitors may be good at marketing or good at content engagement.

They have so many followers who are looking after them for their product, but not everyone among their followers is their customer.

  • Some may want to buy it but can’t afford it.
  • Some want to, but not now, maybe occasionally.
  • Few want to buy while waiting for a discount.
  • Some like the product but are not interested in owning it.

And now is your chance. You can convince them and meet their needs to sell your product.

Their followers are your leads from Instagram and the next customers who haven’t acknowledged your product yet.

#5 Instagram email scraping tools:

After all this, there is one big difficulty: you can no longer reach leads from Instagram.

Not even 10% of Instagram users open their DM requests.

DM requests are the private inbox in the instagram application for the Instagram user’s to look at their received messages from the other instagram users whose follow request hasn’t been accepted by the message receiver.

Scrollers do not use Instagram’s direct messages at all times. Instagram direct messages are used by businesses who wait for their instagram leads to request and place order or in some cases others use it approximately once or twice in a month.

This is because Instagram direct messages are sometimes more irrelevant advertisements and other spam.

There are lesser chances that you will get to have a chance to reach out to your leads from Instagram.

but there are other options.

But there are plenty of tools that cover this kind of situation. There are plenty of tools that help businesses and brands reach their Instagram leads in their emails, cold calls, and other platforms.

Emails are the most noticeable platform where companies and businesses do email campaigns and still can implement their marketing strategy with their email copy.

Still, every company uses cold email to reach out to their leads and convert them into customers.

More than 85% of email users open their email every day. Emails are the best platforms to reach out to your leads.

All you need is a business email and your lead’s emails.

You’ve got your leads from Instagram, and you’ve got your email copy ready to send to leads, but you don’t have the right verified email address for your leads from Instagram.

There are some tools to scrape the verified emails from the Instagram accounts.

Best Instagram email scrapping tool:


xEmailExtractor is an Instagram email scraper that extracts leads from Instagram with their email addresses.

But also extracts media count, phone number, category, address, city name, and 10 more details. 

It extracts from hashtags and followers.

These details can be downloaded and exported to your drive in a CSV file for offline reference.

Final Words:

xEmailExtractor is so simple to use that it does not require your Instagram account to extract details. 

Email marketing is the best option where most people tend to trust the business and buy products.

All you have to do is write a good email copy and send it to your bulk email address extracted from the Instagram email extractor.

Find email addresses for your business on Instagram to hype your sales and boost your business revenue.

Instagram is one of the best platforms to find leads from Instagram and get their email addresses.

Share this blog with your business partners and sales team to get better leads from Instagram. and follow our xemailextractor blogs for more business lead tips.