5 Best Email Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business

May 3, 2022

Every business needs a good email marketing strategies, this is a known fact. But what exactly are the best email marketing strategies to use to actually see good results in your sales?

More than 300 billion emails are sent every single day. Email marketing is one of the best and most cost-effective way to grow your business. But how can you stand out from the crowd?

I would also suggest reading about benefits of cold emailing here before starting.

1. Segment your email list

The best email marketing strategy when it comes to efficiency

When you segment your list, a lot of studies have proven that you will get better open rates, hence more transactions and clients.

This is a very good email marketing strategy to personalize the emails you’re sending based on some criteria you’re setting. Some examples of segmentation criteria are:

  • Segmentation on past purchases: This is one of the best ways to segment your email list. You can see who purchased in the past from you and what products. This way you can send them a personalized email about the purchase they’ve made in the past.
  • Segmentation by industry: This way you can see what the interests of your subscribers are. They will definitely not want to get emails about something they are not interested in. You can then send the subscribers emails about the industry they’re interested in and you will probably get them to be more interested in your what you’re trying to contact them about.
  • Segmentation on demographic data: If you have enough data about your subscribers, you can easily segment them based on their age, location, and so on. This way you make sure you don’t email someone about things that are not related to their age, gender, location, etc.
  • What products they have interest in: Even though it’s pretty similar to the first segmentation I mentioned, it’s a pretty different email marketing strategy. You can see which products they have in their wishlist or even cart, but didn’t purchase, and notify them about those products or similar ones.

2. Have good and targeted emails

Not really a strategy, but without targeted emails, the marketing won’t work

You will really need to focus on the quality of the emails you have. You can read here about Instagram prospecting a bit.

You can have the people from your emailing form, these are for sure the best targeted leads. That is because if they personally subscribed to your list, then they have most probably an interest in your business.

What if that list is too small or you just want to scale up? What if you want to find new users for your business?

In this case, I would recommend you to level up your email marketing by choosing a service that offers you targeted leads. There are some very good examples of this, for example you can choose an automatic email scraper like xEmailExtractor.

3. Get personal with your emails

An email marketing strategy that can be your best friend or your worst enemy

  • Why best friend? Because nobody likes spam and general emails.

When you get personal with the people you’re contacting, you’re showing that you care about them and you’re interested in contacting them personally, not hundreds of thousands of other people.

When you start the email with “Hello {{their name}}”, you will increase the open rates of your emails. This can be great for you! From now on, what will decide whether it will turn into a sale or not is the content inside the email.

On the other side, if you start the email with “Hi there”, there is a chance they will think it’s an automated email that you sent to thousands of people. This can turn them away from reading the email as they could be getting a lot of similar emails every day.

  • Why enemy? Because you need to have boundaries.

In some studies, people said that they don’t like personalized messages for privacy reasons. This is normal, for obvious reasons, privacy is very important nowadays. This means you need to take it seriously and try not to get too personal.

It’s okay to start the email with the name of the subscriber. Maybe even some other details too, like their past purchases, or where you have their email from. But avoid sending personal information or unnecessary one, like their location, preferences, and so on.

Other than getting the person to not be interested in your business, they can also feel like their privacy was invaded and unsubscribe or mark the email as spam.

.4. Send mobile-friendly emails

An email marketing strategy a lot of businesses forget about

email marketing strategies

Did you know that people open more than 50% of emails on their phone? Yes, that sounds like a lot, but it’s normal.

Many people, as soon as they wake up, they check their phone. This way you can see multiple notifications, including from emails.

If a person gets an email that is not mobile-friendly, they can click on it on their phone and then never read it because it wasn’t readable or interesting via mobile.

Here are the most important tips for a mobile-friendly email to make sure you correctly do this email marketing strategy:

  • Make sure you have a button that is easy to tap on a phone
  • Have a bigger font size
  • Avoid having multiple columns
  • Just create a responsive email design

5. Engage with inactive customers

email marketing business

Think about how many people purchased from you and then for different reasons forgot about your business. You need to at least remind them you’re still in business. This way, if they still need your products, you will possibly get new sales.

This is one of the most important email marketing strategies for your business. Keep in mind that you also need to prevent losing subscribers from your emailing list.

What does “inactive mean”?

It depends from business to business. Try not to overwhelm your clients with too many emails, but if they haven’t been on your site for more than one month, I think it’s a good enough opportunity to contact them.


Using the best email marketing strategies can be hard at first, but it’s for sure rewarding.

You can get most of your sales from email marketing if you do it right. It can also cost you some money, but the return on investment, in case you’re doing it correctly, is always incredibly high.

Another tip is to not be scared to get help. You can always use a service to build your emailing list, to contact your subscribers, and so on. As I said, investments made in email marketing always have a very high return on investment. Good luck!