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xEmailExtractor is an Instagram email scraper that easily helps you collect targeted leads from Instagram on auto pilot in a very short amount of time.
Instagram email scraper


Grow your community 

Using an Instagram email scraper could make an amazing improvement of the community growth of a business

Easy to use

User-friendly interface, just a few click to order new leads or see the already ordered ones

Great market price

Among the cheapest prices as an Instagram email scraper

Lead generation

Fast and easy way to generate new leads, both emails and phone numbers when available

Premium support

We care a lot about our customers, so we are trying our best to always offer the best support

Laptop Instagram email scraper

Get everything you need with just one online app

As many emails as you need are just a few clicks away from you. You can get targeted leads from Instagram using a very user-friendly interface easily. From times to times, some bonus emails will also be included too, as a thank you gift. Our Instagram email scraper is fast and efficient, with all you need in one application. Do you want to improve lead generation strategy?



Grow your business

by using our Instagram email scraper for targeted leads

Leads on auto pilot

Extract new leads from Instagram on auto pilot using our web application, these leads have a very high response rate.

Phone Numbers

The phone number is on us, you don’t have to pay anything extra to get it, however, some accounts may not have their phone number listed.

Premium Support

We know how crucial it is to receive good and fast support. We offer our customers the best premium support as always.

Export all data

You can  export all the leads with their info to a .csv file so you can edit it on Drive or Excel. A great way to have all the data together.


Credits never expire

You don’t have to use all your credits in a month, they will never expire, so take as much time as you want in order to start using them.

Filter based on your requirement

Do you only need users that have +10.000 followers? Not a problem, you can easily filter them.

We do all the work

Everything is online and simple, so you can get all the leads you need without managing accounts or downloading anything. 

Simple pricing

The pricing is based on how many credits you need and you can repurchase as many times you wish if you need more credits.

“got lots of emails in such a short time without having to do anything”

After struggling with an application to scrape emails myself, I found xEmailExtractor and I was so happy to see how easy it is to use.. I always got lots of emails in such a short time without having to do anything. Bonus points!


“I Tripled my sales without investing in ads!”

At first I didn’t want to invest too much in leads because I was sure it will work, so I started with the cheaper plan. After seeing the results, I started to get more and more credits and I was amazed to see that I tripled my sales without investing in ads!

targeted leads

“the team answered very fast and professional. Best Instagram email scraper!”

The easiest way to get emails from targeted users! Every time I had questions about my emails, the team answered very fast and professional. Best Instagram email scraper! Thank you!


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