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Collect thousands of targeted leads from Instagram

xEmailExtractor is an Instagram email scraper that easily helps you collect targeted leads from IG on auto pilot. This is the fastest Instagram email extractor (it can scrape up to ONE MILLION users in less than 24 hours, which is usually around 100.000 emails).

You don’t need to do anything (proxies, accounts, installations etc.), we do absolutely everything on our end and deliver you the final results.

What you will get

Our Instagram Email Extractor will give you:

User ID
Posts Number
Following number


Followers number

Full name

External URL

If it’s verified

Media count


City name (if added)


Account type

If it’s potential business

Phone number (for those who have it)

Address (for those who have it)

No Instagram account needed, no proxies needed!

We do ALL the work for you with the fastest service

advantages of our Instagram Email extractor

How to use

Using an Instagram email scraper has never been easier!

Multiple data

1. Create your account or log in

The first step is simple: you register and log in. Our interface is simple and easy to understand, but we’re here to help you if you need us.

Instagram email extractor easy

2. Select source type (followers/ings, hashtags, list of IDs)

Do you want to scrape from followers, followings, hashtags, or a list of IDs? Just select from the list.

instagram email scraper

3. Type the source (account, hashtag, or list of IDs)

Here you just need to type the desired source from where you want to get the emails.

fast email scraper

We do the scraping for you efficiently

We’re using the best resources in order to scrape as fast and efficient as possible for you. You will see your results in your Dashboard.


Grow your business

by using our Instagram email scraper for targeted leads

Leads on auto pilot

Extract new leads from IG on auto pilot using our web application, these leads have a very high response rate. You don’t need to install anything to use xEmailExtractor


Fast delivery

Our Instagram Email Extractor is programmed so that it is very fast and efficient. There is some manual work too from our side, so we try to be as fast as possible. Still, this is for sure the fastest on the market.

Premium Support

We know how crucial it is to receive good and fast support. We offer our customers the best premium support as always and assist them with anything they need about our products or even more.

Export all data

You can export all the leads with their info to a .csv file so you can edit it on Drive or Excel. A great way to have all the data together, so you can later filter them as you wish or use them anywhere.


Credits never expire

You don’t have to use all your credits in a month, they will never expire, so take as much time as you want in order to start using them. The more credits, the bigger the discount, so if you want more credits, you can use them even after one year.


Do you want to submit orders through an API? No worries, just let us know in the chat and we’ll send you the page with all the details.

We do all the work

Everything is online and simple, so you can get all the leads you need without managing accounts or downloading anything. No proxies, no Instagram accounts, no application installed, no browser extension. You’re safe with us.

Simple pricing

The pricing is based on how many credits you need and you can repurchase as many times you wish if you need more credits. We have a bar in the Dashboard and you can clearly see how much any amount of credits will cost you.

the community of our Instagram email extractor

Trusted by more than 1250 businesses

Join now the amazing community of xEmailExtractor and get your targeted leads! Now faster than ever before, join us and change your email marketing strategy to the best! We care a lot about our customers and their safety, so we will never require you to log in to any Instagram account for our Instagram email scraper.

This is the easiest Instagram email extractor on the market and also the cheapest that offers emails on autopilot (you don’t need proxies, accounts) and in such a short amount of time!

If you want to test our Instagram email scraper, just message us and we will give you 50 credits for testing, so you can decide if you like xEmailExtractor or not. You’ll get to try the easy to use interface and see how easy getting emails will be.


The most cost-effective on the market

Frequently Asked Questions

check out our FAQ

Do I have to add my Instagram password?

Nope, you don’t need to add your IG account details and you don’t have to use any Instagram accounts at all. We do everything ourselves and deliver the results.

Do I need proxies?

Nope, you won’t have to do anything else than add the username from where you want to get followers or following or add the hashtag from where you want to extract users or add the link to the post from where you want to get the users that liked or commented. We do the rest.

Do you extract even hidden emails that are not in the bio?

Yes, we check if the email is added in the Contact button. If we can’t find it there, we check in the bio if the email is added.

Do I need technical skills to use it?

Nope, the interface is very easy to use and intuitive. You don’t need to do anything to scrape them because we do all the work.

Can I get the users who posted with a specific hashtag?

Yes, this is one of our features.

How long will it take to extract 100.000 emails?

Most of the times it takes less than 24 hours, even for 100.000 emails (which would be around one million users scraped).

Can I get more than 100.000 credits?

You can purchase multiple times the maximum credits on our Dashboard, which is 100K. Still, if you want more, you can also contact us and we can make an offer for you.

Is there a limit on how many emails I can get in one day?

Nope, you can make as many orders as you wish.

How many emails can you get from 100K followers?

We scrape all the emails possible from the user list, but we don’t decide the email ratio. In the followers of an account, the usual email ratio is 5-10%, so you will get around 5K-10K emails.

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